5 Common Skin Parasites

Of all your personal characteristics, from your personality to your appearance to your beliefs, there's probably one thing you never considered yourself to be: lunch. But you are -- or, at least, you potentially are -- to tiny creatures known as skin parasites. These small insects, worms and bugs survive on the blood and bodily materials of humans and other animals. And while you may be very good for them, they're not beneficial to you.

Whether they're simple nuisances or full-fledged disease carriers, you'll want to avoid skin parasites if you can. The best way to steer clear of these pests is to better understand them. To help you with this, we've created a list of the five most common skin parasites and explained how they operate and how they differ.

We'll also look at how skin parasites are acquired and the best ways to get rid of them. There's a lot to learn about these bothersome creatures, so keep reading to find out how you can stay off their menu.