5 Common Skin Parasites


Bedbugs are only about the size of an apple seed, but their presence can be daunting. Not only do they produce welts, they hide in mattresses (and other types of furniture) where they're hard to eliminate. These nocturnal creatures also tend to prey on us when we're most defenseless -- during our sleep.

You might be wondering just how these bothersome creatures enter our lives. After all, at one time they had all but disappeared from most industrial countries. The answer is that increased international travel and multi-country pesticide restrictions have multiplied their numbers and transplanted them. One of the most common locations for bed bugs to hitch rides to and from is hotel beds. So if you bring some back home with you, you must use insecticides and steam cleaning to thoroughly eliminate them.

While bedbugs aren't as likely as other parasites to carry disease, scratching their bites can lead to infections. To alleviate itching, try using a hydrocortisone cream.

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