The Basics of Skin Fungus

Not All Fungi Look Alike

Appearance-wise, skin fungi can look very different. Athlete's foot, for example, could cause scales or fissures to form in between toes. Or, it can also affect other areas of the foot, causing blisters and other kinds of skin lesions on the heels, soles or along the sides.

Tinea versicolor is particularly marked by a discoloration of the skin. These patches can make the skin either lighter or darker, and they can appear white, brown, tan or pink. Jock itch, however, is characterized by a rash developing around the groin, anus and inner thighs. The center of the rash can get reddish-brown, while the edges develop scales or bumps. Candida yeast infections often result in reddish rashes with postural bumps and lesions.