5 Ways to Treat Flat Warts

Flat warts are probably the most inoffensive members of the already somewhat harmless wart family. They're tiny, smooth, skin-colored spots that can appear in groups on the face, neck or legs. They're termed "flat" because they're usually flush with the skin's surface rather than raised.

Like other kinds of warts, flat warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). There are many types of HPV, just as there are many types of warts. The varieties of HPV that tend to cause flat warts are HPV 3, 10, 28 and 49. HPV is a common, contagious virus that can be transmitted indirectly. It's most likely to attack an opening in the skin, such as cut or scratch. In fact, flat warts often show up along the same line as a cut.

Flat warts are most common in children and are often called "juvenile warts" as a result. However, they can occur in adults as well. While flat warts can become irritated, the main problem they pose is a cosmetic one. If you find yourself dealing with this problem, check out the following pages to learn how you can get rid of flat warts.