5 Ways to Treat Flat Warts

Ignore Them

It's probably hard to ignore any new growth on your skin -- especially if it's on your face. But when it comes to flat warts, waiting may be your best option. For starters, treating existing warts does nothing to stop new warts from forming if the HPV virus that causes them is still active in the body. Once the body's immune system tackles the virus responsible for the outbreak, the warts themselves will soon disappear.

So, if you wait long enough, flat warts will likely go away on their own. This process can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. Whether you let nature take its course or not depends largely on how long you're willing to wait to rid yourself of warts. If you lean more toward impatience when it comes to clearing up a skin condition, you might want to check out some of quicker treatments on the following pages.