5 Beauty Tips for Older Women


Cover Up Under-eye Circles

Under-eye circles? No, thank you!
Under-eye circles? No, thank you!
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Dark circles below your eyes once signified an all-nighter of studying or partying, but as you get older, it may seem that these hallmarks of exhaustion never leave, even when you're well-rested. During the aging process, the already-thin skin below your eyes becomes even thinner, showing the blood vessels below and giving you under-eye circles.

The answer isn't just caking on concealer; too much makeup in this area will look lumped on. Instead, use a light foundation -- lighter than the shade on the rest of your face -- or a on the dark areas under your eyes. Use powder to blend it in and set it.

Aging causes water retention in the area under eyes, much like a lack of sleep and allergies did in younger days. To avoid highlighting those dark circles with puffy eyes, get plenty of sleep and invest in a tightening eye cream for nights.

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