5 Beauty Tips for Older Women


Define Eyelashes and Brows

Go ahead, plump those lashes up!
Go ahead, plump those lashes up!
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People often say that the first thing they notice about another person is his or her eyes. There are several cosmetic changes you can make as you age that will keep your first impression a lovely one. When it comes to eyelashes and eyebrows, you may find yourself having to do more with less, as both lashes and brows become thinner with age. Brows should be kept well-defined, because with less hair, the stray ones become easier to notice. Then, use a pencil to provide further definition and to fill in the sparse spots. As for your eyelashes, a good volumizing mascara will plump them up and draw attention to the eye.

Perhaps you're accustomed to using eye shadow and eyeliner to attract attention to the eye, but the mascara will prove to be a more useful tool as you age. Though all skin gets slack and wrinkled with age, this phenomenon is particularly noticeable on the eyelids because the skin is already so thin. These crepey eyelids make it difficult for older women to wear shimmers or metallics on their eyes -- these products can draw attention to the creases. Similarly, it's best to find an alternative to liquid eyeliner, which also has a tendency to run into eye wrinkles.