5 Beauty Tips for Older Women


Use Less Foundation

Moisturizer will never go out of style.
Moisturizer will never go out of style.
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If you're self-conscious about fine lines and wrinkles on your face, you may be tempted to pile on the foundation and concealer. However, this move has the unfortunate effect of highlighting those very features. All that excess makeup builds up in the creases, drawing the eye right to the spot you want to conceal.

To avoid the equivalent of drawing an arrow right to your wrinkles, adopt a "less is more" approach. Moisturizer is always a must because it evens out your skin, but then, channel your inner Caravaggio -- just as in the art movement chiaroscuro, it's time to evaluate the light and dark spots on your face. Rather than just applying foundation to the entire face, use concealer first to get rid of shadows and harsh lines and to hide brown spots. Then, you can set the look with translucent powder all over.