5 Beauty Tips for Older Women

Lighten Up Those Thinning Lips
When in doubt, flash your best smile.
When in doubt, flash your best smile.
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In a survey conducted by cosmetic company Ultima II, women over the age of 45 revealed that lipstick was the one beauty item that they couldn't leave home without [source: PR Newswire]. However, makeup experts are divided in their views on the best way to apply that product. The issue at the heart of the matter is the fact that a person's lips thin over time. Some professionals think that a lip liner should always be applied before lipstick, so as to give the lip a little more definition. Others find lip liner unnecessary, arguing that such a product will only create a very harsh line that will do your thinning lips no favors.

Regardless of whether you decide lip liner is essential or not, you should reevaluate the kinds of products you're putting on your lips. Lip glosses will have a tendency to slip around now that lips are thinner, and even if you've loved dark shades all your life, it may be time to lighten up. Those darker palettes will only look harsher as you age; going just a few shades lighter will make a huge difference.

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