5 Social Networking Sites for Baby Boomers


Conceived by college students, for college students, Facebook can seem intimidating to those with crow's feet. But believe it or not, the Boomer presence on this well-known site is incredibly strong, with as many as 9 million users over 55 in 2011, up from about 1.2 million in 2009, and comprising about 10 percent of the Facebook demographic [sources: MiddletownWPRW, SMT]. It's the fastest growing segment, by far [source: WPRW].

There's good reason for that. For so many seniors, the driving force behind joining Facebook is simple: Their kids and grandkids are on it, spilling their guts. People who for the life of them cannot get a grandchild on the phone can simply go to Facebook.com, check out what the little ones did this week, and send a message.

Most soon discover, however, that their more-mature friends are on there, too -- and their college sweethearts, childhood best friends, and former work colleagues are all, suddenly, very much within reach.

And then the real fun starts, especially when Baby Boomers figure out there are social networks dedicated to them. Spaces like AARP's social network can be game changers …