Active Baby Boomers

The baby boomer generation is staying active into the retirement years. See activity ideas and information on active baby boomers.


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5 Reasons for Baby Boomers to Get Weight-bearing Exercise

Not all exercises are created equal. For retirees, weight-bearing exercises are particularly important, because they promote muscle tone, bone density, weight loss, mental acuity and balance. But there are caveats, as well.

10 Popular Baby Boomer Activities

From Beatlemania to bell bottoms, baby boomers have adopted attitudes and lifestyles unlike any previous generation. Once known to distrust anyone over 30, this group may now redefine expectations of retirement and aging.

Top 10 Baby Boomer Health Trends

By 2030, about 60 percent of baby boomers will experience more than one chronic health condition, and 25 percent are expected to have diabetes. What other health trends can we expect from this generation that's retiring in droves?

5 Ways Baby Boomers Are Changing Long-term Care

They're living longer, love independence … and aren't buying health insurance. But that's not decreasing a need for assistance later in life with things like bathing, walking or eating. We'll look at five ways baby boomers are changing long-term health care.

5 Workout Tips for Baby Boomers

Staying fit and active is important for the overall health of baby boomers. So when it comes to exercise, how can they benefit the most from their workouts?

10 Video Games for Baby Boomers

Think all gamers are teenage boys living in their parent's basement? Think again. Baby boomers make up nearly half -- yes half -- of all gamers today. So what exactly is the 50 and over crowd playing?

5 Social Networking Sites for Baby Boomers

With more than 40 percent of Baby Boomers on a social network, sites like Facebook and MySpace are no longer just for the kids. But Boomers are also creating spaces of their own. What are five of the most popular mainstream and niche networks for Boomers?

10 Modern Technologies Baby Boomers Are Using

Just because baby boomers are retiring from the workplace in droves doesn't mean they're easing into a rocking-chair lifestyle. In fact, when it comes to new technology, boomers are definitely on board.

5 False Stereotypes About Baby Boomers

Millennials have been coddled, Gen Y'ers won't wear suits, Gen X'ers are cynical and Baby Boomers -- those folks can barely operate a cell phone. Generational stereotypes are nothing new, but they're also often downright wrong. What are five of the most common Boomer stereotypes?

Are baby boomers healthier than previous generations?

Baby boomers should be the picture of health. They've had access to vaccines and health care their parents never dreamed of -- not to mention a better quality of life. But are they?

Do baby boomers have a higher incidence rate of depression than other generations?

Baby boomers were one of the first generations to have it all: education, well-paying jobs and access to good health care. So why are they depressed?

Baby Boomers: All You Ever Needed to Know

With Baby Boomers hitting retirement age, they're in the spotlight again because of healthcare and social security funding issues. During their time, the Boomers made an extraordinary impact on the world around them. Learn about the Boomer leg

Baby Boomers Get Another Shot at Growing Up

Many people ages 35 to 45 experience a midlife transformation as they realize for the first time that they too will kick the bucket at some point. What can you learn from a re-evaluation, and how can you prepare for your future?