5 Social Networking Sites for Baby Boomers


Eons was born in 2006, founded by the man who built Monster.com from the ground up. From the beginning, it was about attracting, entertaining and keeping the Boomers, and it seems to be doing just that.

It has 800,000 registered users and gains hundreds more every day, all over 50, all interested in connecting, all interested in remaining entirely relevant and involved in what can sometimes seem a world built for the youth [sources:della Cava, Italie].

Like the AARP site, Eons revolves around groups the range of which is stunning. There are groups devoted to, for instance, Boomer-style travel, finances, health care, athletics, music, favorite childhood TV shows, genealogy, dating -- groups for Christian Boomers, "RV singles" and over-50 "kinky sex." There's an obituary database that not only never expires, but also allows users to upload photos and stories and videos about the friend or spouse or freshman-year boyfriend who passed away.

And Eons seems to lend itself extremely well to in-person meetings, with groups gathering all over the country to indulge in common interests with online friends.

Eons has, truly, something for everyone -- as long as they're over five decades old. If you didn't live through Kennedy, you wouldn't get it.

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