Top 5 Ways for the Aging to Remain Socially Engaged

Find a New Hobby (or Rediscover an Old One)
Scrapbooking not for you? The mountains might be calling.
Scrapbooking not for you? The mountains might be calling.
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Many seniors find they have more free time than they did in the past, and a good way to spend that time is pursuing a new -- or long-forgotten -- hobby or interest. Whether the activity is scrapbooking, painting or photography, communities of people with shared passions will form around it.

Senior centers and community groups often offer lessons in painting, singing, fiction writing and creating folk art. No matter what hobby you pursue, it'll be a good way to socialize with people, and you'll never want for an easy conversation starter. Another good way to reach out to others is to research your genealogy. There are many dedicated clubs and online genealogy groups that can provide you with all sorts of information about your family tree.

It may also be time to scratch the travel itch, if that's always been your secret desire. Throughout the world, there are Elderhostel programs that offer travel and educational opportunities to seniors. Cruise trips for seniors abound, and there are nomadic communities of RV owners who cross the nation (and continuously cross paths with each other). Travel clubs enable members to take trips together as a group, or you could take a day trip with a good friend or someone you'd like to know better.

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