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Staying fit and healthy in the senior years involves proper fitness, diet and healthy relationships. Get information and tips for enjoying the senior years.


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Hip Injuries for the Elderly Actually More Likely Indoors, During Warmer Months

Wintry, icy conditions mean the elderly slip, fall and break a hip more often when venturing outdoors, right? Actually, quite the opposite is true, with some caveats.

Decline of B.S. Meter Is One Reason Scammers Love Seniors

One kind of dementia makes you less likely to detect lies and sarcasm.

10 Low-impact Exercises for Seniors

Exercise is important for good health at any age, and seniors are no exception. While many gyms offer excellent low-impact workout classes for seniors, staying fit doesn't require a gym. What are some exercises that can help seniors stay in shape?

5 Water Exercises for Seniors

It's been said that you can be certain of two things: death and taxes. But there's actually a third certainty -- you will age faster than necessary without exercise. Here are five water exercises for seniors that can offset the ravages of time.

What are the best golf exercises for seniors?

Golf is a great way for seniors to have some fun and get fit at the same time, especially if they're able to skip the golf cart and walk the course instead. What are some other ways for seniors to get in shape on the golf course?

5 Resistance Band Exercises for Seniors

Making resistance training part of your exercise routine can improve your muscle strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and range of motion while fighting bone loss and easing arthritis pain. Here are five resistance band exercises for seniors.

10 Active Senior Hobbies

Forget knitting, bingo and 4 o'clock dinners. Seniors these days are spending their golden years pursuing hobbies active and creative hobbies.

5 Reasons to Go on Senior Singles Cruises

Life isn't over in your golden years. There's still plenty to do and see, and a senior singles cruise may be just what you're looking for. Hit the high seas and explore your sense of adventure!

10 Jobs for Seniors with RVs

If you're a senior who loves the flexibility and freedom of traveling by RV, interesting and adventurous jobs await you at every destination. Take a look at our top 10 jobs for seniors with RVs.

10 Famous Accomplishments Made Late in Life

We all know the stories of child prodigies: Mozart started composing at 5, and Tiger Woods picked up his first golf club when he was 2. But what about the people who made their mark at a more advanced age?

Top 5 Ways for the Aging to Remain Socially Engaged

No matter how old you are, friends are important -- some days, you just need a chatty coffee break. But it can be hard to get out and about when you're older. What's the best way to make new connections?

How does aging affect sexual health?

Our society has a tendency to use sexually active seniors as comic relief, but sex isn't just an activity for the young. How does the process of aging affect what's going on in the bedroom?

Should your fitness regimen change as you get older?

As you age and your body changes, activities like rollerblading may look a little less appealing. But does an advanced age mean that you have to put down your marathon shoes and barbells against your will?

Top 10 Countries With the Highest Life Expectancy

Some countries have a higher life expectancy because of economic and social reasons. Wealth appears to be the biggest factor in life expectancy, as it provides access to quality health care.

Senior Health

As your body ages, it unfortunately does not improve. Not only will your metabolism slow down, but your body will also become much more susceptible to chronic diseases. However, advances in health care can help prevent these diseases. Learn about senior health.

Rating Calorie-Control Diets For Seniors

Some of the most popular calorie-control diets for seniors include Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Because of the number of choices available, it can be difficult to find which diets are safe. Read more about these and other calorie-control diets.

Rating Alternative Diets for Seniors

Alternative diets for seniors may be the answer to your weight-loss issues, though there are risks. Most of the risks stem from the unconventional approach to weight loss a particular diet may take.

Rating Low-Carb Diets for Seniors

Low-Carb diets for seniors claim to produce everything from rapid weight-loss to decreased blood pressure. Low-carb diets could help alleviate symptoms of pre-existing conditions, or help avoid conditions altogether. Learn about low-carb diets for seniors.

Rating Low-Fat Diets for Seniors

Low-fat diets for seniors come in all shapes and sizes, and finding the best fit can be tough. Looking at the pros and cons of each type of diet can help determine how the diet fits into your lifestyle. Read this article to learn about several low-fat diets.

How to Lose Weight as a Senior

As we get older, it may become tougher to lose weight and easier to gain because we burn fewer calories. As muscle mass decreases, the metabolism slows down, which can cause a significant rise in body fat. Find out how to lose weight as a senior.

How to Choose a Weight-Loss Diet for Seniors

Knowing which diets are healthy for seniors will help to avoid fads and gimmicks. A diet should fit the personality and lifestyle for each individual person. What works for one person may not work for another. Find out how to choose a weight-loss diet.

Don't Forget -- Give Your Brain a Workout, Too

Make sure that you pay some attention to that brain of yours while you're working to keep your body in shape. Find out about the relationship between aging and memory and get some great advice for memory improvement.