South Beach Diet: What You Need to Know

South Beach Diet Phase 2 Foods

­Phase two of the South Beach Diet plan is meant to be a steady, long-term phase. Unlike the first phase, this phase has no strict time limit. According to the plan, you should stay at the second phase until you are happy with your weight and comfortable with your diet. Sometimes people start at phase two if they don't have too much weight to lose but they want to be more healthful. Phase two does produce weight loss, but it's over an extended period of time [source: The South Beach Diet Online].

Phase two has a much smaller list of restricted foods, though bad carbs will never come back to the OK list. During phase two, you can start bringing back more of the good carbs. However, you can't bring them back all at once. The process of introducing the good carbs back into your diet should be gradual so that your body can get used to the moderate consumption of carbohydrates again. Whole grain foods such as brown rice and whole-grain breads make up a portion of the carbohydrate-driven foods you are allowed to eat at this time. You can also have sweet potatoes and a variety of fruit. Some pasta is permitted, as are chocolate and wine in moderation [source: Keefe].

By the time you've made it through the second phase, you've proven you have the power to stick to the South Beach Diet. So phase three should be a cinch for you. Read on to find out about the foods you can eat in the final stage of the South Beach Diet.