Special K Diet: What You Need to Know

A bowl -- well actually two - of Special K a day just might keep unwanted pounds away. See more weight loss tips pictures.
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Whether it's referred to as the Special K Diet or the Special K Challenge, the point of this diet plan is to limit the dieter's caloric intake in order to kick start weight loss. Reportedly, people who make time for cereal every morning consume less fat and cholesterol while taking in more vitamins and minerals. The Special K Diet aims to take advantage of this and lower a dieter's body mass index.

The general Special K Web site provides a good introduction to the Special K Diet. You can choose a link called "Design Your Plan" and the page will pop up with the first in a series of questions. The first question gets at what you think is most important in a diet routine. The second question asks you what you think is the worst part of a diet, and the third question asks what you like about the diet Special K proposes. The fourth question asks you to select your favorite Special K foods. You can select from cereals, waffles, snack bars, protein meal bars, cereal bars, protein water mix and protein water. The last question asks you to select what day you want to start the challenge.

All these questions lead up to a specially designed menu plan that reflects some of your answers. If you don't like what you see, you have the option of modifying the diet by clicking on each meal item. The page also gives you tips on how to satisfy your late-night cravings and what to do when you feel like abandoning the diet [source: Special K].

Read on to find out how to follow the Special K Diet plan.