Top 5 Healthy Pork Marinade Ideas

Many processed marinades are full of unhealthy ingredients, but you can create a palate-pleasing pork marinade that you won't have to feel guilty about using. See pictures of staying healthy.
Michael Lamotte/Cole Group/Photodisc/Getty Images

So, you've decided to serve pork. Good decision -- after all, it's lean, tasty, and in the right hands, it offers a quick, simple answer to the dinner bell. But long before the table is set, first on your mind should be the best way to get the maximum amount of flavor from your cut. There are many ways to do this, from the cooking method to the wine pairing, but the most efficient and -- let's face it -- the most fun, is the marinade.

Selecting the right marinade can be tricky, and weighing taste against nutritional merit can complicate the process even further. Bottled marinades come in a staggering variety of flavors, but they often contain unnecessary preservatives, sugar and sodium that you can avoid by making your own. In this article, we'll discuss five healthy pork marinades to help you add flavor to pork without pigging out on the bad stuff.