Top 5 Healthy Steak Marinade Ideas

Beef isn't as unhealthy as it's often made out to be. Just cook small portions of lean meat -- and marinate it well. Learn more with our pictures of staying healthy.
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For meat-eaters, it's not quite summer until the steaks hit the grill. A big, juicy rib-eye, T-bone or flank steak sizzling over the coals is, for many, the reason barbecues exist.

On the downside, eating red meat can increase the risk of heart disease, and eating grilled meat can increase the risk of cancer. Yet again, the best things in life can kill you.

Unless you choose lean meat, eat it sparingly and marinate. Yes, marinate.

It's obvious why eating lean cuts in moderation can reduce the heart-related problems associated with red-meat consumption. The benefits of marinating are somewhat less obvious. It turns out that simply marinating steak can dramatically decrease the formation of heterocyclic amines, or HLAs, that occurs when meat cooks in the extreme heat of a barbecue (see Is it true that grilling meat can cause cancer?).

Of course, you'd probably want to marinate for a lot longer than that -- at least two hours, preferably overnight -- to achieve the other benefits of the process: taste and texture.

Deliciousness of heavy oil and butter aside, it's a shame to ruin the health benefits of a lean, well-chosen cut. In this article, we'll give you five recipes for delicious, healthy steak marinades -- ones that could satisfy the pickiest of steak-loving foodies.

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