10 Benefits of Zinc for Men

Helps Fight Acne

Are skin breakouts bringing you down? Here's some good news: Zinc may help to treat and prevent acne. In fact, some forms of acne may even be caused by a zinc deficiency. Whether it's taken as a supplement or applied in a topical ointment in the form of zinc gluconate or zinc sulfate, zinc can help acne blemishes heal faster, reduce inflammation caused by acne and help regulate the skin's oil gland activity caused by changing hormones.

Zinc plays an important role in overall skin health, and it may also treat eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, burns and boils. It also helps skin wounds heal faster.

Don't take more than 100 milligrams a day for acne -- higher doses can increase the risk of prostate cancer. Remember, you can find also find zinc in delicious food sources including oysters, lean meat and poultry.

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