10 Benefits of Zinc for Men

May Prevent or Treat Baldness

Do you enjoy sitting down to a thick, juicy steak? Now there's a good reason to indulge: Eating lean cuts of beef could actually help slow down the process of going bald. Alopecia can present itself in a variety of ways -- from minimal hair thinning to complete baldness -- and it can pop up due to heredity or result from certain mineral deficiencies. Zinc can encourage hair growth by improving immune system function [source: HolisticOnline].

According to a study in Australia, men who ate lean cuts of meat were less likely to go bald than those who ate fatty cuts of meat. One of the reasons is that beef is an excellent source of zinc, and not getting enough zinc can lead to sudden hair loss [source: Flynn].

Zinc supplements can help guard against hair loss in men who don't eat a balanced diet. The suggested dosage for hair loss is 50 to 100 milligrams a day, and zinc supplements can be found at your pharmacy or a health food store.

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