5 Vitamins for Men's Sexual Health


Niacin (Vitamin B3)

You've already gotten acquainted with two of the B complex vitamins, B12 and B9. Get to know another important member: Vitamin B3, also known as niacin.

Niacin is notable when it comes to your sex life because it helps make sex hormones and improves your circulation (and we already learned why blood flow is so important when you're between the sheets). It also regulates things like sleep patterns -- and erectile dysfunction.

In June 2010, researchers were able to capture images of a protein responding to molecular signals from niacin that give information about oxygen levels in cells [source: University of Rochester Medical Center]. Studying this signaling could help us find new methods to treat erectile dysfunction in the future.

Supplements aren't necessary to keep you niacin-rich -- you almost always get enough from your diet, whether you're the king of beet recipes, a voracious red-meat eater or simply a drinker of milk.

The key to a healthy sex life (beyond, you know, relationship skills)? Getting to the grocery store -- and skipping the chips.

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