5 Home Remedies for Tooth Pain


Bite on a Cotton Ball Soaked with Clove Oil

In a 1910 journal of home health treatments titled "Mother's Remedies," the authors touted clove oil (aka oil of cloves) as a toothache therapy that provided almost instant pain relief [source: Ritter, et. al]. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and dental experts are still recommending this homespun treatment.

Oil derived from clove buds has natural analgesic properties. It's an organic alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers, but it can still be found at many drugstores. If your pharmacy doesn't carry it, you're likely to find it at your local health and nutrition store. Once you have the oil, you can soak a cotton ball with it, place the cotton in the sore area of your mouth and gently bite down. Clove oil is safe to ingest, but it may burn your gums a little.

This pain-relieving substance has other benefits, too. You might find that it also helps prevent future cavities and reduces bad breath.

The remedy on the following page uses an even more commonly found product.