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Those with strong stomachs may have watched the videos making the rounds of people who have tonsil stones. What are tonsil stones you ask? They're smelly, little white globs of who knows what that get built up in the, well, pockets of tonsils. Those with weaker stomachs can skip the videos and head right for the info below. And those with maybe a little tendency toward hypochondria will be glad to know tonsil stones are probably no big deal, even if they're gross.

By Kristen Hall-Geisler

When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush? And how often should you?

By Sharise Cunningham

Skipping your daily shower doesn't necessarily mean you're lazy — it can actually be good for your skin, say doctors.

By Alia Hoyt


Now that we're all supposed to be wearing masks, we've all become keenly aware of something: our breath. And guess what? It doesn't always smell good.

By Cherise Threewitt

Never heard of tonsil stones? They're nasty little stones that can form in your throat. So should you freak out if you have them?

By Kristen Hall-Geisler

What in the world do you wipe with when you're totally out of toilet paper? You can try one of these alternatives. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

By Kristen Hall-Geisler

Yep, socks were invented for a reason.

By Dave Roos


A tooth infection may seem like little more than an inconvenience, but it could actually be doing some serious damage.

By Alia Hoyt & Sara Elliott

Toothpaste in tablet form could be an effective way to benefit both the health of the environment and our teeth.

By Jim Marion

A surprising number of people do, but why? And are there any downsides to doing it?

By Alia Hoyt

Human beings are biologically and psychologically predisposed to prefer clean environments.

By Alia Hoyt


You may not need to pull them after all (and spend three days as a chipmunk). But don't think that means the ordeal is over.

By Julia Layton

If you're worried you have bad breath it might be for good reason. You can't smell your own breath so it might be hard to tell — until it's too late.

By Jennifer Sellers

We're often told that our adult set of teeth is the last call for new pearly whites, but can alligators teach humans to replace even more lost teeth?

By Bambi Turner

Ah, coffee: smells so good, yet stinks your breath so bad. Since giving up this daily indulgence is out of the question, how can you lessen the odor?

By Laurie L. Dove


Shaving for both males and females typically starts in the teenage years. See shaving dos and don'ts for teens for tips on hair removal.

By Discovery Fit and Health Writers

Though rare, infection from dental work, or even vigorous brushing, can lead to pericarditis. But what are the symptoms -- and when should you call your doctor?

By Brion O'Connor

You already brush with fluoride toothpaste. So do you really need a professional fluoride treatment at the dentist, too?

By Terri Briseno

Cold showers can improve your skin, your circulation, your sperm count and maybe your hair. Learn more about taking a cold shower for your health.

By Josh Peterson, Planet Green


The guy in the 1940's toothpaste ad has a toothbrush that looks two inches long, and he is covering every bit of it. Learn more about how much toothpaste should you use.

By Lloyd Alter, Planet Green

Saliva plays an important role in your teeth's health. Think you know what its job is?

By Terri Briseno

If your child has hand, foot and mouth disease, someone is likely to ask, "Wait, don't you get that from pigs?" No, that's hoof and mouth. So what exactly is hand, foot and mouth disease?

By Katie Lambert

Mouth cancer can be a vicious, sometimes-fatal attack on the body. Knowing what to look for, what to avoid and when to seek medical help is crucial in stemming the disease.

By Brion O'Connor


From infection to insufficient bone mass, there are a number of issues that can arise with dental implants. Are you prepared?

By Brion O'Connor

Some people enjoy a dry sense of humor, and there are those who like a dry glass of wine. But dry mouth is one thing you probably hope to avoid. So what is it exactly?

By Kevin P. Allen