5 Natural Tooth Whitening Ideas

Say cheese
Dig in! Cheese will make your enamel stronger.
Dig in! Cheese will make your enamel stronger.
Thomas Northcut/Thinkstock

Eating cheese after a meal may help prevent cavities and may promote enamel remineralization. It's the casein, a milk protein, that's in cheese (and milk and yogurt) along with calcium and phosphate that are at work here, making enamel stronger.

Why is strong enamel important to a white smile? Enamel is the outermost layer of a tooth, and it protects the layer called dentin. While enamel can become stained, it's the dentin that determines the color of your tooth. Eating things or using products that replenish calcium and phosphate is important to keeping enamel strong and healthy. While there are at-home remedies for removing stains from enamel, only your dentist can help with dentin discoloration. Keep enamel strong and keep your smile bright.