couple, bad date

Can this couple save their boring date? Maybe if they inject some humor into the situation.


Let's face it: Whether it was during high school, college, adulthood or all of the above, we've all been there when it comes to finding ourselves in the midst of a bad date. In fact, it's become so common, the Washington Post reports there are now online communities dedicated to swapping horror stories, such as and

Any number of factors can make a date go south. Some are beyond anyone's control: car trouble, last-minute work obligations, bad weather or even the sudden closure of the restaurant where you both were meeting. But then there are those internal forces: no physical "spark," boring or awkward conversations, rude or obnoxious behavior, mean comments and more.

As professional matchmaker and Huffington Post columnist Samantha Daniels notes, "It's easy to excuse a lot of bad behavior if you really like someone; however, you always need to remember to like yourself better than you like [your date]." Keeping this advice in mind during the courtship process can be a challenge, especially as that first meeting often feels like a social job interview.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the typical dating scenarios that can make things take a turn for the worse. We'll also outline some tips for getting the evening back on track, from using humor to save the day to simply knowing when to say when.