Healthy Cold-weather Snacks
pumpkin seeds

Research has indicated that pumpkin seeds are helpful in relieving anxiety and lessening the depression sometimes associated with cold-weather months.


When the temperature drops, it seems as though our desire to be healthy decreases, as well. Maybe it's because we spend more of our time indoors, which makes it easy to sit around, eat and pack on the pounds. Or perhaps it's because the holidays associated with cold weather -- Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's -- are also associated with big meals, desserts and high-calorie drinks like beer, wine and Champagne. Then again, we may just be wired to add a protective layer of fat when it's cold.

Whatever the reason for our unhealthy cold-weather habits, we can adapt and emerge fitter when the clouds part and the sun comes out.

If you want to feel full and satisfied, then it's important that you give your body the nutrition it needs. A plate of sugar cookies tastes wonderful, but you'll find yourself wanting more, not just because they're good, but because they haven't met your nutritional requirements. It will likely surprise you how full you'll feel when fruits and vegetables replace the so-called empty calories of processed and high-sugar foods. You'll also be happy to know that some healthy cold-weather options don't taste like replacements for your favorite snacks. Rather, they're simply modifications to unhealthy indulgences.

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