Arthritis is defined as the inflammation of joints, and symptoms include stiffness and pain. It often afflicts older people's hands, inhibiting mobility and fine motor skills. Learn about the causes of arthritis and how it can be treated.

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Over-the-counter Arthritis Drugs

For mild cases of arthritis there is a good chance that over the counter drugs could alleviate some if not all of the side effects associated with the disease. Learn more about over the counter medicines that can help with your arthritis.

Arthritis and Heredity

Arthritis and heredity are commonly linked to one another. Discover what you need to know about this interesting relationship between heredity and this disease.

Arthritis Organizations

Arthritis organizations can help you learn about the condition and treatment options for dealing with the many forms of arthritis. Discover all about arthritis organizations with the help of this article.

Arthritis Pain Q & A

Arthritis pain Q&A will give you the information that you need to help answer your arthritis questions. Read about the arthritis pain Q&A to become more informed of this multifaceted disease.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Glucosamine and chondroitin are associated with arthritis that you need to be aware about when treating this condition. Learn more about glucosamine and chondroitin and how they effect you.

Arthritis Symptoms and Risk Factors

Arthritis symptoms and risks factors are important to know when treating this painful disease. Learn more about the different types of arthritis and risk factors.

Are arthritis medications for me?

Arthritis medications can be helpful to mitigate and the pain that is common with this disease. Learn what medicines you can use to help with your arthritis symptoms.

How can I cope with arthritis medication side effects?

Coping with arthritis and the side effects can be a daunting and painful experience. Check out the tips that we have uncovered to help you deal with the arthritis.

COX-2 Inhibitors

What are cox-2 inhibitors and how can they help to treat my arthritis? Find out more about how this medication and how it can benefit you with the help of this article.

What kind of healthcare professionals do I need for arthritis?

If you have arthritis it is suggested that you see a specialist to get the optimal care that you need. Learn more about these healthcare professionals and how they can treat your arthritis.

How do pain medications work?

Medicines that alleviate pain can be a welcoming relief. Discover how pain medications work and how you can use them to mitigate the hurtful side effects of an ailment.

Injectable Corticosteroids

For severe cases of arthritis an injectable medicine is needed to relieve the painful symptoms associated with the disease. One such drug called corticosteroids can be injected to help an individual cope with his or her arthritis.

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, called NSAIDs

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, called NSAIDS for short, are used to treat many different cases of arthritis. Learn more about NSAIDS and how they help relieve the pains of arthritis.

What options do I have for arthritis treatment and how do I choose?

Cases of arthritis can range from a mild ache to an excruciating debilitating pain. Knowing the options to treat any case is important in dealing with this multifaceted disease.

What side effects of arthritis medication should I watch for?

With any ailment there are drugs that can be used to treat it and knowing what side effects can occur from these medications is important to your health. Check out the side effects that arthritis medicines can have on your body.

What strategies can I use for arthritis?

When treating an illness it is always good to have a strategy. Take a look at we have gathered for you here on developing the right strategy to deal with arthritis.

How do I use arthritis medications safely?

When using any medication is it important and crucial to your overall health to take it responsibly and safely. Find out what you should know about safely taking a regimen of medicines.

Arthritis Physical Exam: What is my doctor looking for?

Doctors use physical exams to gauge your overall health so they can better treat any ailments that you might be suffering from. Learn more about physical exams in this article.

What do I need to know about arthritis medication?

When treating an ailment like arthritis it is beneficial to understand the medicine so it can better serve your needs. Learn what you need to know about medications with the help of the information in this article.

What is the specific type of arthritis medication I'm taking?

If you are suffering form arthritis and taking medications to cope with the pain it is important to know what type of drug you are using. Find out more about arthritis medications in this article.

Am I at risk for osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis can be a difficult disease that everyone should be aware about. Find out if you are at risk with the help of this information inside this article.

Conditions That Can Cause Secondary Osteoarthritis

Secondary Osteoarthritis has symptoms that can be identified if you know what to look for. Check out what causes this type of arthritis with the information that we have gathered for here.

How much should I exercise to help my osteoarthritis?

Exercises can help relieve osteoarthritis and they are part of the treatment process. Learn more about exercises that can help osteoarthritis with tips inside this article.

How does my family history affect my risk for osteoarthritis?

Your family's medical history can play a big part in whether you are susceptible to acquiring a condition like osteoarthritis. Find out what risks you might have by taking a look at your family's medical history.

How does age affect my risk for osteoarthritis?

The wear and tear on your body can lead to many different types of diseases that are associated with age. Learn more about how age can increase the risks of acquiring a condition like osteoarthritis.