Arthritis Overview

The articles in the Arthritis Overview Channel cover the basics of arthritis causes, symptoms and treatments. Learn all about arthritis with a quick arthritis overview.


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Can you get arthritis from cracking your knuckles?

Mom always said, "Don't crack your knuckles! You'll get arthritis!" It's time to separate fact from fiction once and for all, and find out if Mom was right.

Who can help treat my arthritis?

A whole team of healthcare professionals can help you with arthritis. Learn who treats which aspects of your disease in this article.

Is there a link between arthritis and depression?

Often, people with arthritis are also depressed. Find out if there's a link between arthritis and depression from this article.

Is there a link between posture and arthritis pain?

For people with arthritis, joint stress and pain can severely limit mobility. Learn if there is a link between posture and arthritis pain in this article.

Is arthritis a disease?

Arthritis is a condition suffered by millions worldwide. Learn if arthritis is a disease in this article.

How can arthritis impact my daily life?

How can arthritis impact my daily life? Keep reading to learn more about arthritis.

How can you make cooking with arthritis easier?

Arthritis impacts all aspects of your life, and even cooking can become a painful chore. Learn more about what you can do to make it easier to cook when you have arthritis in this article.

How can you prevent arthritis pain in daily chores?

Even the simplest daily chores and activities can be painful for people who suffer from arthritis. Learn if you can prevent arthritis pain in daily chores in this article.

Does your social life have an impact on your arthritis pain?

There's no need to give up everything you love just because you have arthritis. Learn more about how your social life can impact on your arthritis pain in this article.

Does your work style have an impact on your arthritis pain?

Arthritis can affect how you work -- and the other way around. Learn more about how your work style may have an impact on your arthritis from this article.

Are there any tips for preventing arthritis pain?

Pain management is a major element of dealing with arthritis. Learn more about tips for preventing arthritis pain in this article.

Are there support groups for people with arthritis?

Communicating feelings of anger and frustration is important when facing a chronic illness, along with emotional support and opportunities to meet with people in the same situation. Learn if there are support groups for people with arthritis in this article

Can opiates really be used as an effective arthritis treatment?

Opiates include narcotics like morphine. Learn whether they can be used to treat arthritis in this article.

Will changing my work life help my arthritis?

If you are looking for an alternative treatment for your arthritis then think about your work habits. Discover how changing your work life could positively effect your arthritis.

Will changing my social life help my arthritis?

Alternative treatments for cases of arthritis to exist and they can be as easy as changing your lifestyle. Learn more about how altering your lifestyle could benefit your arthritic symptoms.

How can I get the support I need to manage arthritis?

Getting support to manage arthritis can help to treat the symptoms associated with the disease. Learn more about getting support to help manage your arthritis.

What do I need to keep track of to manage arthritis?

After a treatment or surgery to treat arthritic symptoms it is commonly suggested that a patient learn how to manage their arthritis as part of the healing process.

How can I make it easier to stick with my arthritis treatment?

Sticking with arthritis treatment can help to lessen the effects of arthritis on your body. Learn more about staying with an arthritis treatment so you get on the road to recovery.

Tips for Cooking When You Have Arthritis

Cooking with arthritis can be an uncomfortable and dangerous task. Check out the information in this article about cooking with arthritis.

How can I improve communication about arthritis with my family and friends?

Communication about arthritis with family and friends can benefit everyone. Learn more about the importance of communicating about arthritis to your loved ones in this article.

Tips for Cleaning When You Have Arthritis

Cleaning when you have arthritis can be a painful and time consuming chore. Find out what you can do to clean pain free with the help of the information in this article.

What arthritis tests might I need?

The types of arthritis tests can vary depending on the area that is affected. Learn more about the types of arthritis tests and which one is the best for the specific symptoms that can plague an area of the body.

What do I need to do if I have arthritis?

Small pains near the bodies stress point usually indicates the beginning of arthritis. Find out more about arthritis and what you can do if you start to show the signs of this painful condition.

When do I need further arthritis tests?

Medications can be given to treat mild cases of arthritis but the disease can progress to a painful one very quickly if not diagnosed properly. Learn what tests you might need to get if you notice the arthritis becoming worse.

Will changing what I eat affect my arthritis?

In many cases a person's diet plays a big part in whether they acquire a disease or cure a condition by the types of food choices they make. Discover if changing your diet could have a positive impact on your arthritis.