Arthritis is defined as the inflammation of joints, and symptoms include stiffness and pain. It often afflicts older people's hands, inhibiting mobility and fine motor skills. Learn about the causes of arthritis and how it can be treated.

Mom always said, "Don't crack your knuckles! You'll get arthritis!" It's time to separate fact from fiction once and for all, and find out if Mom was right.

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Arthritis is a disease that causes inflammation and damage to the joints. Learn what arthritis can do to your joints in this article.

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Mild osteoarthritis of the spine includes minor back pain and stiffness. Learn more about mild osteoarthritis of the spine from this article.

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Arthritis impacts all aspects of your life, and even cooking can become a painful chore. Learn more about what you can do to make it easier to cook when you have arthritis in this article.

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Pain management is a major element of dealing with arthritis. Learn more about tips for preventing arthritis pain in this article.

Communicating feelings of anger and frustration is important when facing a chronic illness, along with emotional support and opportunities to meet with people in the same situation. Learn if there are support groups for people with arthritis in this article

Opiates include narcotics like morphine. Learn whether they can be used to treat arthritis in this article.

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