10 Most Common Body Parts People Hide


The Ears

Beyond providing excellent hearing, an attractive human ear is expected to have a conventional shape and be oriented relatively close to the head. Protuberant ears (cup-ear deformity), ears missing the antihelix ear-cartilage fold (lop-ear deformity) and ears with dangling or damaged lobes are functional but considered unattractive. Surgery to correct these ear abnormalities is called otoplasty, but hiding a less-than-perfect set of ears behind a masterful haircut or under a hat is not uncommon. Ear injuries like torn lobes (often from wearing pierced earrings), and "boxer's ear" or "cauliflower ear" can be a source of embarrassment, too. For concealment, women have an advantage because longer hairstyles that more than cover the ears are typically in fashion in any season, where men may have to resort to knitted caps and longer-than-fashionable or asymmetrical haircuts to conceal ear deformities.