10 Most Common Body Parts People Hide


The Face

The face is by far a person's most distinctive, expressive and recognizable body part, but people often perceive their facial features as being too large, too small, crooked or uneven. It probably doesn't help that apart from the way the lips, nose, eyes, complexion, chin, and forehead are formed individually, they have to work well together to create a pleasing whole.

The overall shape of the face can also cause problems, as can its fullness or its size in proportion to the rest of the body. Facial features also change as a person ages. The human nose, for example, keeps growing through one's lifetime. The shapely nose of a mature adult can morph into a much larger facial feature when that person becomes an octogenarian.

The more rigorous the standards of beauty are in any given culture, the more harshly people may judge themselves and others relative to that ideal. That's probably why there are lots of tricks to change the look of the human face in order to conceal or downplay specific flaws. Your first thought may be about makeup that conceals or highlights, but hair styles can also place the visual emphasis on or away from a particular feature. Glasses, hats, scarves, beauty marks and other distractions can help, too.

From sagging skin to a receding chin, when all else fails, cosmetic surgery can reshape facial features. Nose reshaping and eyelid surgery were two of the top five cosmetic surgery procedures performed in 2010, and nonsurgical options like chemical peels, laser hair removal, botulinum toxin type A injections (commonly referred to under the trade name BOTOX) and soft tissue fillers are becoming more popular, too [source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons].