5 Things Men Are Most Embarrassed About Their Bodies


You gotta salute guys for how far they've come on this one. More men than ever are embracing their follicle challenges and just shaving their noggin. But, still, receding hairlines, pattern baldness and chrome-domea of all varieties are perplexing. If the world could recapture the amount of time that men have spent examining their heads in the mirror, well we'd ... uhhh ... we'd have a lot more time, that's what.

Remember when we said that embarrassment makes no sense? Here's a case in point. The hair pieces that some fellas purchase to cover their baldness are usually far more alarming than the receding hairline they're covering. Embarrassment can twist a mind in such a way that it suddenly makes sense to place roadkill on one's scalp. Oh well, at least that poor sap's head is warm.