5 Common Depressive Behaviors

Isolation and sleeping less could be two indicators of depression, but the list doesn't stop there.

If you're looking for an article on the symptoms of depression, this isn't it. Symptoms are physical side effects of a disease. Behaviors are how a person acts as a result of those symptoms. They are conscious or subconscious responses to some sort of stimulation or impetus in the body.

There are numerous examples of common symptoms and corresponding behavioral responses. For example, a full bladder prompts a person to go the bathroom. Or, itchy skin leads a person to scratch. Mental health symptoms are no different. Sadness can cause crying, for instance. In fact, conditions like depression are frequently referred to as behavioral health disorders -- most likely because of the explicit connection between brain functioning and behavior.

On the following pages, we'll look at five common behaviors of depressed people and examine the symptoms behind them. Ultimately, understanding the medical causes of depressive behaviors may lead a person with depression to seek treatment for his or her condition, or to encourage someone they know to seek information and treatment. Keep reading to learn more.