Depression Facts

Depression facts offer clarity for this often misunderstood condition. Separate truth from myth about the causes, symptoms and treatment of depression.


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'Gloomy Sunday:' The Song Linked to More Than 100 Suicides

Can a song or music really push a person that far to the edge?

Suicide Afflicts Farmers at Rate Shockingly Higher Than All Other Jobs

A new study shows that suicide afflicts farmers in the United States at a rate consistently higher than any other profession.

5 Common Depressive Behaviors

Symptoms of depression and the behaviors they cause don't occur in a vacuum. They're connected, and they feed off of each other. Do you know how to spot the signs?

Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Depression

For people who have been diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression, vagus nerve stimulation may offer some promise. But there are caveats.

Understanding Dysthmyia

Have a friend who's a bit negative, cynical and generally the proverbial party pooper? He or she could be dealing with dysthymia.

The Geriatric Depression Scale

How can you tell when someone is depressed? Sometimes, it's obvious. But when normal signs of aging make it difficult to know for sure, the Geriatric Depression Scale can help.

Understanding Seasonal Depression

While many people celebrate the changing of the seasons, for others it triggers episodes of depression. Find out what seasonal affective disorder is and how it can be managed.

Is there a link between adoption and depression?

Everyone gets a little blue every now and then, but for people who suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, sadness is a frequent and debilitating part of life. Are adoptees more likely than others to have this illness?

Understanding Psychotic Depression

Most people understand what depression is, while the word "psychosis" brings to mind images created in part by TV stereotypes. But what is psychotic depression and how is it treated?

Major Depressive Disorder Explained

We've all been sad. But when you've got major depressive disorder, the symptoms last more than two weeks at a time. Recognizing its presence is the first step toward getting better.

Catatonic Depression

Depression is fairly common, but catatonic depression, more commonly known as major depression with catatonic features, is unusual. Find out what defines this state of depression and how it is normally treated.

Reactive Depression

Depression can seem debilitating no matter what triggers it. But how is reactive -- or situational -- depression different from clinical depression? We'll tell you.

Can clinical depression be completely cured?

If you suffer from clinical depression, it probably feels as though it will never go away. But for some people, this debilitating psychological illness does have a cure. Just don't expect a miracle drug.

Depression Overview

It's normal to feel sad sometimes, but what if that feeling becomes debilitating? Major depression can interfere with daily life and cause secondary health problems.

Beating the Winter Blues

When the days get short, dark, dreary and cold, it can definitely affect our mood. Learn how to beat the blues during the winter.

Understanding Depression

In bed, you toss and turn, unable to get a good night's sleep. You feel anxious and worried. Friends tell you to "pull yourself together,\" but you feel helpless and hopeless. Learn about depression."

Causes of Depression

People with low self-esteem are more prone to depression. Learn more information about depression, treatment options and prevention.

Coping With Depression

If you are suffering from depression, your friends and family can play a big role in your recovery. Learn more information about depression, treatment options, and prevention.

Diagnostic Evaluation and Treatment of Depression

A healthcare professional can order a diagnostic evaluation to help determine the best for of treatment for you depression . Learn more information about depression, treatment options, and prevention.

Psychotherapies for Depression

If you're looking for treatment for depression, you might consider psychotherapy. Learn more information about depression, treatment options, and prevention.

Symptoms of Depression and Mania

Not everyone who is depressed or manic experiences every symptom. Learn more information about depression and mania, treatment options, and prevention.

3 Types of Depression

Depression takes on many forms, such as such as bipolar disorder and major depression. Get an overview of the types of depression.

Where to Get Help for Depression

Learn more about depression help in this article. Learn more information about depression, treatment options, and prevention.

Depression 101

What is depression? Get the answer to this question and much more with the help of the information inside this article.

Changing Your Point of View

If you suffer from depression, changing your thoughts and point of view might improve your depression. Learn more information about depression, treatment options, and prevention.