Depression is an emotionally and physically painful condition that can stem from a variety of causes. Learn about the symptoms of depression as well as effective treatments and therapies available.

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FDA antidepressant warnings have led to reduced mental health care and increased suicides among youth, so what is going on?

By Stephen Soumerai & Ross Koppel

You may not be a professional therapist, but you might be the only person around to observe that a loved one is depressed or suicidal. What's the best way to help?

By Alia Hoyt

Can a song or music really push a person that far to the edge?

By Diana Brown


A study showed that suicide afflicts farmers in the United States at a rate consistently higher than any other profession.

By Patrick J. Kiger

Depression is a difficult condition to diagnose — a questionnaire is the primary method used these days. There are some promising diagnostic tools on the horizon, including a blood test. How reliable is this new test?

By Jennifer Sellers

For most people experiencing odd medical symptoms that don't seem to go together, getting a diagnosis is a relief. But a diagnosis containing the word "atypical" might leave you a little uneasy.

By Katie Lambert

Everyone feels deflated now again, but those with depression chronically experience deep sadness. What happens when you bottle up your emotions, rather than confront them?

By Maria Trimarchi


Symptoms of depression and the behaviors they cause don't occur in a vacuum. They're connected, and they feed off of each other. Do you know how to spot the signs?

By Jennifer Sellers

For people who have been diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression, vagus nerve stimulation may offer some promise. But there are caveats.

By Brion O'Connor

A person who's depressed may lash out at loved ones, or even strangers, and seem uncharacteristically consumed with rage. Where does that anger come from, and how can you treat it?

By Tom Scheve

Everyone gets a little blue every now and then, but for people who suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, sadness is a frequent and debilitating part of life. Are adoptees more likely than others to have this illness?

By Chris Opfer


Depression can seem debilitating no matter what triggers it. But how is reactive -- or situational -- depression different from clinical depression? We'll tell you.

By Terri Briseno

Happily ever after. Growing up, it seemed every childhood bedtime story ended on that optimistic note, but what if you or your spouse is experiencing clinical depression?

By Jennifer Sellers

Keeping up with the Joneses may be easier if you follow their tweets, but what if your boring life pales in comparison? Some experts warn against trying to match the exploits of your seemingly perfect online pals. But can it really be depressing?

By Marianne Spoon

If you suffer from clinical depression, it probably feels as though it will never go away. But for some people, this debilitating psychological illness does have a cure. Just don't expect a miracle drug.

By Jessika Toothman


Learn more about depression treatment in this article. Learn more information about depression, treatment options, and prevention.

By Bobbie Hasselbring

Learn more about antidepressants in this article. Learn more information about depression, treatment options, and prevention.

By Bobbie Hasselbring

If you're suffering from depression, you might benefit from using monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Learn more information about monoamine oxidase inhibitors, depression, treatment options, and prevention.

What's even more depressing than depression itself? The fact that depression could lead to heart attacks. It's more reason you should seek help and start exercising when you get the blues.

By Charles W. Bryant


It's normal to feel sad sometimes, but what if that feeling becomes debilitating? Major depression can interfere with daily life and cause secondary health problems.

By Maria Trimarchi

In bed, you toss and turn, unable to get a good nights sleep. You feel anxious and worried. Friends tell you to pull yourself together, but you feel helpless and hopeless. Learn about depression.

By Betty Burrows

What is depression? Get the answer to this question and much more with the help of the information inside this article.

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