5 Ways to Reveal a Life-changing Secret

Prepared for Reaction

Visualization is the practice of imagining how a scenario could play out and how you'll respond. It's used by athletes, business people, politicians and public speakers. By doing test runs in your mind, you're better able to handle the situation appropriately which will lead to the best possible outcome.

If you're thinking of sharing a secret, picture in your head how that secret might be received. Take it to extremes. Imagine everything from shouting and crying to laughter and relief. You don't know for certain what will happen, so every possible eventuality needs to be explored. Forget what you think you know -- when secrets are revealed, people can act unpredictably [source: Papez]. How might you diffuse the situation if it becomes highly intense? How can you show appreciation if the information is received with open arms? You might want to make dinner reservations as a way of saying "thank you" to the person you've shared your secret with. You may also want to have an alternate place to sleep if your spouse doesn't want you around after you reveal the truth.