5 Ways to Reveal a Life-changing Secret


What's your motivation? It's not only overly self-involved actors that ask that question. In fact, it's a question you should be asking yourself if you're about to reveal a secret.

When WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange released thousands of secret government documents in 2010, a public debate arose over how and whether some of that information should be revealed. Journalists who fight daily for freedom of information, conceded that if the release of a secret document could be tied directly to the death of a soldier, then it would not be right to share that secret [source: Ward].

Likewise, if a husband on his deathbed decides he wants to unburden himself of the secret affair he had years ago, he could be devastating his wife and family for his own few moments of peace. Again, what's your motivation? Do you want to alleviate guilt, move to a resolution, or do what's right for those around you? They're tough questions. Keeping a secret can be equally selfish, as well. Choose the most selfless option. It's never easy revealing a secret but the approach you take can make a world of difference in how the information is received and how you move forward.

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