How does maca root help fertility?

Preconception Benefits of the Maca Root

On previous pages, we talked about how maca root can increase sexual desire, sperm count and sperm motility -- and possibly even effect female fertility. All of these findings suggest that maca root aids the reproductive system best when it's taken prior to conception. That information might seem obvious based on what you've read thus far. But what might not be as apparent are the other ways in which maca root can prepare your body for conception.

It's widely known that overall health is an important factor in fertility. And this is an area where maca root might be able to help both men and women. In addition to the ways it benefits the male and female reproductive systems, maca root is also believed to increase vitality in the following ways [source: Chillemi].

  • increase energy and stamina
  • reduce fatigue and lethargy
  • boost immune system
  • provide essential minerals and nutrients (particularly iron and iodine)

Maca root's delivery of iron may be particularly important to women. During a woman's pregnancy, she's likely to experience iron deficiency, so ensuring she has healthy iron levels prior to conception is a valuable step.

It's important to note, however, that some people can experience conditions that cause iron overload. While such illnesses are uncommon in women of childbearing age, any woman seeking to increase her iron intake should first have her iron levels tested by a physician.

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