Guide to Being 39 Weeks Pregnant

What's Going on in Your Body

Your soon-to-be newborn now measures roughly 21.5 inches from head to toe and has an average weight of about 7 pounds. Fingernails and toenails are fully grown in, and she is testing her lung functions in preparation for breathing on her own. The baby probably won't get any longer but could gain a few more ounces before birth. If you deliver at this point, she will not be considered premature and will more than likely be a healthy weight and size.

There's no more room left in your baby's cozy home, but that doesn't mean she's any less active. In fact, the movements made at the end of your pregnancy journey will show you just how strong your little one really is. Her head is down and is slowing burrowing toward your pelvis.


Don't forget to keep counting kicks and punches! You've gotten pretty good at this by now, and it's still important to make sure the baby continues to be active.