Guide to Being 39 Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know

close-up of man's hand dialing cellphone
Your partner should have the list of family and friends who get phone calls and text messages for when you go into labor.

At this point, your partner is probably just as anxious as you are about seeing the new arrival -- but without the swollen legs, sleepless nights and overall feeling of physical discomfort. Right now, the best thing for him or her to help you with is, well, everything!

Give your partner some responsibilities right before the baby comes -- washing those first tiny outfits, getting the e-mail and text message list ready for the big news -- that will help him or her feel part of the action. Of course, you'll need your partner even more during the main event, but take time to enjoy these last few days as a family sans a newborn because life will never be the same again!