Belly Bands

Belly Band Uses

A woman's body can change significantly during pregnancy, and that often means normal clothes won't fit anymore. No matter how hard you fight it, there will probably come a point in your pregnancy when you realize you can no longer button your favorite pair of jeans because of your expanding stomach. That's when a lot of women turn to belly bands. They can actually extend the length of time you wear your normal clothes by hiding the fact that you can't zip your fly. You simply slide the belly band up over your jeans until it covers the zipper and buttons along with your stomach. It should hold your pants in place, even though you can't fasten them [source: O'Dell].

Aside from helping you get more use out of your pre-pregnancy clothes, belly bands can also help give you added back support. As your baby grows, you'll be carrying more weight in your abdomen, and that will inevitably put more strain on your lower back. Some belly bands are designed specifically to give you extra support during your pregnancy.

Belly bands may make you more comfortable with your appearance as well. They can add a smoothing layer to your outfit that may help minimize your stomach's appearance.

Keep reading to find out how belly bands can help ease some of the pain and discomfort you may have while you're pregnant.