Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy Issues answers your questions about the changes that occur when you're expecting. Learn how to exercise during pregnancy, nutrition guidelines, preparing for childbirth, and more in this section.

And you thought you felt old because you had three kids? While that may be true, they're not the only thing to blame.

Diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder have been rising over the past two decades, along with obesity and diabetes in women of childbearing age. How are these related?

It seems unbelievable that a baby's placenta could cause the mother to break out in a nasty itchy rash, but it happens occasionally. What causes the allergy?

Pregnancy brings women that lovely glow -- shiny hair, great skin, an aura of happiness. It also brings some not-so-lovely things, like excessive burping and farting. Go ahead, blame the baby! Here's why.

Pregnancy is all about celebrating your body. But is it safe to celebrate it permanently -- with a tattoo? Here's what we know.

No caffeine for low energy. No ibuprofen for pain. No sushi for ... well, a sushi craving. Many items are on the no-no list for pregnant women because of the risk they may pose to a fetus. But when it comes to antibiotics, some are A-OK.

We all know that it's bad news to be stressed out a lot, but what about when you're expecting? Should pregnant women be especially wary of this amped-up state? We'll ponder 5 ways that stress affects a pregnancy in this article.

Pregnancy is never easy. But being aware of all the resources available can be a big help. See our list of top pregnancy resources to learn more.

Not all types of radiation are created equal. Some types of exposure is considered safe, while others are not. How does radiation exposure affect unborn babies?

Your body goes through a wide range of changes, enabling you to detect a pregnancy early on. Learn how to detect a pregnancy in this article.

Your pregnancy "morning sickness" (or all-day sickness) is wearing you out. But take heart -- there are some many natural remedies you can try to help you feel like yourself again.

Not wanting to be a single parent is one of the reasons women choose to have an abortion. Learn how many women who have abortions are single parents from this article.

Whether pregnancy is planned or a surprise, most women quickly realize they're carrying a developing child. But what if a pregnancy is both unplanned and unknown to the woman who's pregnant?

America is fat, and more and more studies are showing that the obesity trend is a hard one to escape. It's even extending to our infants. But how? Is adult obesity leading to overweight babies?

After you find out you're pregnant, your first visit to the OB/GYN is a fact-finding mission. You'll be learning about what to expect during your pregnancy while the doc learns about your medical history and any risk factors. What should you ask?

Back pain, bloating, swollen ankles, a glowing complexion and various food cravings. These common symptoms make it seem like pregnancy is pretty much the same for everyone. Not so -- there certainly are some unique pregnancies out there.

Keeping a pregnancy blog can help you preserve the experience of your pregnancy, and because it's online, it's an easy way to share updates with family and friends, and commiserate with other pregnant women.

A woman's body changes a lot during pregnancy, but belly bands can help to ease the transition. Is using these products just a way to make your clothes fit better, or can they make your pregnant body feel better, too?

Taking care of yourself -- physically and mentally -- while pregnant is vital for delivering a healthy baby. What can you do to ensure a healthy pregnancy, and how soon should you start?

Vanishing twins sound like something straight out of Stephen King, but it's common for one twin not to survive the first trimester. But what if, instead of being absorbed by the mother's body, the twin ends up inside the other twin?

Guessing the gender of a growing baby has always been popular -- after all, nine months is a long time to wait. But how accurate is this particular predictor?

What is the definition of abortion? Learn about the definition and controversy of abortion.

What is the definition of pregnancy? Learn what happens as a baby develops inside a woman's womb during pregnancy.

While it's true that she's having the baby and she's the one whose belly is growing, there's lots for Dad to do during this exciting and sometimes confusing time. Find out what Dad can do to help out during the pregnancy.

Midwives, obstetricians, maternal-fetal specialists — many kinds of professionals can help you through pregnancy and delivery. Which professional is right for you?