Belly Bands

Can Belly Bands Help With Pain?

It's common for women to experience back pain during pregnancy. This can happen for a number of different reasons. During pregnancy, your body increases production of certain hormones that are meant to help prepare you for birth. Unfortunately, these hormones also relax certain muscles and ligaments that normally give you back support. To make matters worse, you'll be carrying extra weight as your pregnancy develops, and your center of gravity will change as your baby grows inside you. This will probably change your posture, and your body may be sore as it adjusts [source: American Pregnancy].

Belly bands may help you alleviate some of the discomfort associated with all these changes in your body. The key is finding a belly band that is specifically designed to give you the added back support you need. Some belly bands are solely meant to cover your bump and help keep your clothes on. A belly band designed with extra support, however, can help you maintain good posture and take some of the burden off of your back [sources: American Pregnancy, Weiss].

Just keep in mind that you shouldn't rely on a belly band alone for added support. It's still a good idea to do exercises to keep your muscles in shape [source: Weiss].

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