How to Introduce Your Girlfriend to Your Friends

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Keep it casual when you first introduce your girlfriend to your friends
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You've met a girl who could, quite possibly, be the one. But even after several dates, you're still getting to know each other -- and the thought of introducing her to your circle of friends is about as appealing as a cable outage during your annual Super Bowl party.

Your friends are a reflection of you, and you're still trying to impress your potential new girlfriend, so it's only natural to be unsure about bringing everyone together. After all, your relationship with this potentially significant other is so new, you're probably not even sure if she's allergic to dogs or likes to eat sushi. The last thing you need is a buddy or two knocking back beers and telling war stories about your checkered past. Plus, there's always the risk of reciprocity: What if she likes your friends, but they don't like her? Or they like her way too much? It's enough to make you sequester your gal until your life together has progressed a little. Like, say, adding a mortgage and two kids to the mix.


So, how do you know when it's time to introduce a girlfriend to your friends? We've put together a play-by-play, starting on the next page.

When to Introduce a Girlfriend to Friends

Let's cut to the chase: How much time should you wait before introducing your girlfriend to your buddies? This, grasshopper, is something only you can know for sure, but we've got some good advice: Don't do it until after date No. 3.

Sure, you know girls have plenty of third-date rules for what can -- and more often, can't -- occur. The truth is, they're on to something. By the fourth date (and we mean real date here, not just grabbing a beer with coworkers on T-G-I-Friday), you've had the chance to ask lots of questions. Taking some time to ruminate about what she said will offer clues about whether it's time to bring her around your friends. Still not sure? Bait the hook. Share a story about a couple of your friends. If she says anything to the effect of, "They sound so funny/smart/interesting, I'd like to meet them," then you'll know it's time to take the next step.


Of course, that doesn't mean it has to be a big announcement. Save that for the engagement party. Instead, come up with a game plan for deflecting unwelcome comments or conversation threads heading into dangerous territory -- basically any sentence that starts with, "His last girlfriend …" Redirect the conversation by pocket-dialing your buddy's cell phone or interrupting with a topic that's sure to push his buttons (politics or sports usually work). Simply keeping your cool and brushing off awkward comments is always a winning strategy.

As for the best place to bring everyone together? We've got the 4-1-1 on that, next.


Where to Introduce a Girlfriend to Friends

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Take your girlfriend to your usual watering-hole, but be sure to make her feel comfortable.
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Guys are competitive, especially when they're friends. So plan to meet them on their own terms. You'll want to bring your girlfriend to the place where you'd normally hang with your buds, like a local sports bar. If they feel more comfortable, it will be easier to introduce your girlfriend into the mix.

That said, you'll want to give your girlfriend extra attention while you're there. Chances are, she doesn't normally frequent the same haunts as your guy friends. This means she may feel out of her element; whatever you do, don't ignore her or assume she'll figure it out on her own. Although you don't want to be clingy, it's a show of solidarity when your friends see you and your girlfriend present a united front.


If you've got other variables to contend with, like an introverted girlfriend who balks at unfamiliar group settings, scale the meet-and-greet down to just a friend or two. And, if you suspect your favorite guy's night hangout is a little too lowbrow for your lady, suggest a compromise: Invite everyone to meet at a casual restaurant. The most important thing is that you plan the group's meeting in advance. This way, you can tell your girlfriend the details of what to expect. Still need more tips? Check out the next page.

Tips for Introducing a Girlfriend to Friends

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Even though you've now made it clear you have a special lady, don’t forget to schedule some "guy time" for yourself.
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Now that you've got most of the logistics settled, let's talk details. During the big introductions, don't forget to offer a little public display of affection (PDA.) A PDA shouldn't go overboard (we're talking holding hands, not tongue-hockey), especially in front of your buddies. However, by offering a bit of balanced affection, you can help your girlfriend feel more welcome and secure in a new environment around people she's probably never met -- but still wants to impress. Plus, if your friends get a little boisterous with either their language or topic of conversation, you can give her hand or knee a little squeeze. It's like rolling your eyes at their behavior (without tipping your hand to your friends).

There's always the risk your friends won't like your girlfriend. And if they don't, hear them out. Guys have a lot of unwritten rules, but you'll be hard pressed to find a directive more universal than this: If they treat her like kryptonite, there's probably a good reason. Maybe they don't appreciate the way she treats you. Perhaps they've seen her flirt with someone else when you weren't around. Or, they might see her negative actions and intentions a little more clearly than you do.


Keep in mind that a successful introduction isn't a cure-all. Soon after your buddies become acquainted with your girlfriend, you'll want to fly solo and do something with your group of guy friends. Ditching them to spend time with her won't win any supporters -- for you or her. The good news is that if you follow your game plan, you'll never have to choose between your best pals and your best gal. Now that's almost as good as an uninterrupted Super Bowl.

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