10 Things Men Should Know About Female Hormones


They're Different for Every Woman

When you start dating and get close enough to discuss intimate details with a woman, you'll eventually learn specific things about her that are related to her hormones, such as how her menstrual cycle influences her behavior and mood. But if you start dating another woman, you will soon learn a basic truth: Hormones are not the same in every woman. For you, this means that what works for one woman doesn't necessarily work for another. One may have the stereotypical moodiness and food cravings during that time of the month, while another doesn't seem to act any differently.

While all healthy women have the same hormones, levels of these hormones not only rise and fall each month in a complex pattern based on their menstrual cycles, they also vary based on the age of the woman and on the woman herself. During her reproductive years, for example, a woman may have anywhere from 50 to 400 picograms per milliliter (pg/ml) of estrogen in her blood [source: Nussey, Whitehead].

These variances are important to keep in mind when interacting with any woman: Don't assume that you know everything about her hormones just because you've been in a previous relationship!