Top 5 Natural Anti-Aging Techniques

People are living longer as a result of advancements in medicine. See more getting beautiful skin pictures.
Christopher Robbins/Getty Images

As medical science has advanced, so has life expectancy in the developed nations that benefit from those advancements. In the United States alone, the average life expectancy for all races and sexes has jumped from 70.9 years in 1970 to 77. 9 years in 2005 [source: CDC].

The advancement of medical science has also led to interest in living longer and healthier lives. As a result of this vigorous interest, a booming cottage industry dedicated to longevity has emerged over the past couple of decades. It seems like as soon as a published study suggests an enzyme, hormone or diet that could lead to a reduction in the ravages of age, companies rush a slew of new products centered on those findings onto the market.

Some of these products work; others are simply based on inconclusive, yet promising findings. There are, however, some tried and true (and scientifically supported) techniques to stave off both the appearance and the symptoms of aging. What follows are five easy methods you can try to stay young and healthy longer.