Is olive oil good for my skin?

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You probably know olive oil can be good for your health -- and good for your pasta -- but olive oil may also be good for your skin. This is especially true if you have extremely dry skin or are allergic to topical creams and lotions.

Olive oil is a common folk remedy for very dry skin. It's silky smooth and does not usually cause allergic reactions [source: Kranke et al]. Olive oil may also protect your skin against sun damage and cancer. In one study on mice, an application of extra-virgin olive oil after exposure to UVB light reduced the number of tumors the mice developed [source: Budiyanto et al].


If you're not worried about allergies, you may want to consider mixing olive oil with another perfume or lotion to avoid making the distinctive scent of olives your new personal cologne. Be careful when applying, though -- olive oil might be good for your skin, but it's not so good for fabrics. A way to get around the hazard to your clothing is to take a bath with a few tablespoons of olive oil added to the water -- just be careful getting out of the slippery tub, and completely clean away the oily residue afterward.

If your hands need moisturizing, cover them in olive oil and put on some gloves before bed. If it's your feet, massage some olive oil in and then put on socks to lock the moisture in and keep you from staining your sheets (and sliding around when you walk).

Next time you notice some dry skin, you might look in your kitchen cabinet for a remedy -- just be sure you have enough olive oil for your next pasta dinner.

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