How to Match Colors to Your Skin Tone

Matching Clothing Color to Skin Tone

We all have certain colors that we like to wear more than others. Interestingly, there's a reason for that. Depending on the color of our skin, certain colors can make us look pale or tan. They can help hide our flaws or make them more noticeable. As we are all aware, clothes aren't cheap. It's the same old story: If you're going to spend the money, you might as well make sure you're spending it on clothes that are going to help you look your best.

Matching your clothes with your skin tone is a lot like matching your hair with your skin tone. Instead of dealing with the six skin types in Fitzpatrick's scale, all skin types can be boiled down to four categories. These categories happen to correspond with the four seasons: winter, summer, autumn and spring. By matching your skin tone with the right season, you'll be able to dress your best.

Winter skin tones can be pale, yellow, or dark with blue or pink undertones. Sharp colors like black and blue are great for winter skin tones, but light browns won't help you out, so give them a wide berth. If your skin is pink, then you fall into the summer category. That means you're best suited for pastels and you should only bring out the orange and black on Halloween. Red heads and brunettes generally belong to the autumn camp. They look best in oranges, browns and other earthy tones. Black and white on the other hand won't do them any justice. If you have freckles and light skin, you are spring, so you should wear yellows, greens and blues. As for things to avoid, you could start a club with your autumn friends and start boycotting black and white [source: Aspland].

To put it in slightly different terms, light skin tones look better in dark colors, medium skin tones look best with the primary colors and darker skin tones pull off whites and pale colors really well [source: Lady Language].

These simple tips should help you dress your best. Read on to find out how you can top it all off with the right nail color for your skin tone.