How to Match Colors to Your Skin Tone

Matching Nail Color to Skin Tone

We've come a long way. We've talked about skin tone, the right lipstick to wear, the right clothes to buy and even the right hair color to get. Now it's time for the last detail -- nail polish. Just like everything else, there are rules for choosing the right nail polish to accentuate your skin tone.

Women love manicures and pedicures. They spend a lot of money on them, too. If they didn't, there wouldn't be a nail salon on the corner of every other city block. If you know your skin tone, you'll be better equipped to pick out the right shade of nail polish next time you go to one. People with fair skin should use a polish with a blue base, and people with darker skin should use a polish with a yellow base [source: Blakey].

But it's not always that simple. If you happen to be a medium skin tone, you're in luck. You have the most versatile skin tone of all. This allows you to straddle the line between blue and yellow bases. However, your best bet is a nice burgundy color. If your skin is very dark you can play with deep colors like purple and dark red, and for the light-skinned, blue-based crowd, most polishes with the name "berry" in the title will help you look your best [source: Isabella].

It really is amazing how much our skin tones determines what does and doesn't look good on us. Knowing yours will help you look and feel great. It will also help you save money and it might even save you some time in front of the mirror.

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