5 Uses for Toner

Cleanser -- check. Exfoliant -- check. Moisturizer -- check. Toner – do I really need it?

While toner can be an important part of a skin care routine, it tends to be the most confusing aspect of the regimen. And that's because its uses aren't always well understood. Some believe it's just helpful to those with oily skin. Others suspect it moisturizes. Many think it's only needed by people with large pores.

The reality is that different toners have different applications. One toner might complement dry skin, while another is best for oily skin. The key is to look for a product formulated for your particular skin type.

If you're still wondering whether toner, which can sometimes include astringents and fresheners, is something that could benefit your skin, this article is here to help. Check out the following pages to learn more about the many uses of toner.